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they shot me full of ephedrine

ATREYU v. give 'em hell

Atreyu Eliot Star
27 June 1987
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"If it weren't for the fact that she tries, she'd be as easily dismissed as any other person walking down the street.
Under most circumstances, she could blend into a crowd as easily as stand out."

'It's inevitable. The soul wanders in the dark until it finds love. Therefore, wherever our love goes, there we find our soul.'
--Mary Zimmerman's Metamorphoses--

'...love is many things, none of them logical.'
--The Princess Bride--

"Love has no why. Love is."
--Amancio Jimenez--

And I think sometimes I scare people because of it.
They think I’m so, like, determined, just barging ahead—
Not really a sensitive person, whereas, in truth,
I am.

--Nikos in Big Love by Charles L. Mee--



Given Name: Janette Danielle
Chosen Name: Atreyu Eliot Star
Known As: Trey
Age: 20
Sex: Androgynous Female
Sexuality: Asexual polyamorous
Status: Engaged to the lovely and amazing jetblackmirror
Hair: semi-faux-hawk/devil lock, black on top, red on sides. Seriously Frank Iero hair.
Eye: Blue
Height: 5'3"
Weight: somewhere around 180 lbs
Distinguishing Marks:
--Peircings: 2 in left ear (helix, lobe), 3 in right ear (rook, two lobes), right eyebrow, left of center viper bites
--Tattoos: ohm on left collar bone, Celtic/Tribal crescent moon behind right ear, the female half of My Chemical Romance's Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge cover on left fore-arm.
--Scars: chicken pox scar on right temple, birth-mark-looking scar on right shin
Issues: obsessive compulsive preoccupation with the numbers 5 and 0, panic attacks brought on by social anxiety, addiction to nicotine in the form of cigarettes, guilt complex



But You Might
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The Beatles are Peace, Love and Happiness

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The We!Beatles are fucking crazy love

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