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I can has fic idea?

Between the weird sensory perception of waking up confued and cold in a hospital bed I experienced several times this morning, and my personal preoccupation with skewed mental states and conditions (particularly amnesia)...

Normally it's Frank, for me, when I write a fic like this.

But... Well.

It would be MOAR SAD if it were someone else.
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So Simon and I finally watched The Black Parade is Dead.

Dear Gerard;

What you're doing there? I'm seeing it. Keep it up.


Dear Frank;

Oh Fuck Face. Is it September yet?"


Dear Ray;

Your thighs. My bed. NOW. Please.


Dear Mikey;

Why so sexy? When did that even happen? Glad to see married life agrees with you, porn king. Christ.


Dear Bob;



Dear James;

*drools* Thank you so much for being alive. O.O


I know. I'm drunk, what do you expect?

I also miss concerts WICKED FUCKING BAD. It's making me crazy, tbh. Is it September yet? srsly.
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stolen from dearmisswhite. My answers will probably not be as lolarious as hers.

1. Choose up to three of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.

I chose:
-Remy McLeod (pre-Embrace)
-Gabriel Santiago-Reis
-Cowboy!Matt Rubano

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Weird Meme.

Go to your info page and find the seventh name listed on your friends list. Go to their info page. Find the seventh name on their friends list. Repeat until you are seven LJs from your own. (If you come across someone who doesn't have seven friends or the seventh friend is a journal you have already visited on this trip, randomly pick another name and continue).

1- backinblack
2- allyoops
3- _toiletseatgirl
4- angelamaria
5- antigonist
6- alvanista
7- aurturius

1)What is the title of this journal (NOT the user name)?
2)How many communities does this person belong to?
3)List any interests you share in common with this user.
4)List any friends you have in common with this user.
5)Where does this user live?
Doesn't Say.
6)What is the seventh sentence in this user's most recent journal entry?
only five sentences on their FO post. XD;
7)What is the first sentence in this user's seventh most recent journal entry?
Ah, Kingdom Hearts.
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Characters I Will Be Making for V:tM RP

-Diego Miguel Perez (rep: Matt Cortez), 16, illegal Mexican immigrant, Ghoul to Gabriel
-Seraphim [Sera] Destiny Rossi (rep: Lyn-Z), Hippie Parents, Oregon bred, Ghoul to Julien and Eden, Luka's GIIIIIIRLFRIEND

Characters Wot I Would Like To Make for V:tM RP
-Unnamed Independent Ghoul (rep: Agyness), former slave and blood doll to a Tzimisce, and physically genderless
-Unnamed Follower of Set (rep: Terrence Howard)
-Native American Gangrel?

I have no life.

Son of Edit
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Movie Meme!

Stolen from tevatron.

Here's Entertainment Weekly's list of the top movies of the last 25 years. Go through their list and BOLD the ones you have seen, ITALICIZE those you love/would watch over and over again, STRIKE OUT those you dislike strongly or really would rather never see again.

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[eddie] The Chicken

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I don't know wtf is up with my meme'ing lately, but I don't want to think about anything specific ever again.

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ETA: in unrelated news, we (as in, our store, not me nor simon specifically, we were in our own departments) started setting up Back To School last night.

I officially wish I was not poor so I could go back to school.

That is all.
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A LIST. Because I never ever update anymoar and that is failcakes

1- Simon has gotten this idea into his head that he wants to make a comic book out of our epic fail awesome V:tM RP crap stuff (auctoritasritae for those unawares). Emo is a stupid-head and encouraging him (Thanks alot, Emo), and now it is canon that in this supposed comic universe, Logan dies. In non-comic-canon, Sebastien is a total whore and pretty much should die a slow and painful death, according to Reggie. Hogtied in the yard near day-break or something like that. Wut, Reggie, wut? srsly.

2- I had a pretty good night at work, but I came home to some pretty upsetting stuff, so now life sucks again.

3- No food in the house! Wait, there is an egg. One. wtf is that shit?

4- Want to move. Send help!

5- Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie Reggie (not the vampire. The band. Duuuuh)

6- I miss Pendleton. I never ever in a million years thought I would actually say that. I want to make a visit home sometime before Round-Up of '09. Just saying. :/

7- No food. Seriously. I am STARVING TO DEATH. Grilled Cheese! There is a god, and her name is Sammi. wot wot.

8- Do want moar Nightrunner. That is, more time to read.

9- I really really for my own peace of mind need to get to ten. :[

10- Emmmmma Gabe misses Soren. >:[

did it! =D
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