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Ganked from crossbow1 and dearmisswhite.

I'm just going with the things on butyoumight so it might be missing some stuff. Especially since I haven't written anything in AAAAAGES.

Since I had a lot of chaptered stuff lately, each chapter that shows up will definitely have it's own line. XD

Post the first line from your 25 most recent fanfics and try to find a pattern.

1- The thing Gerard liked most about New York was that, even with smog and pollution and six thousand people milling around at every hour of every day, he could still breathe, somehow.

2- It was a little too warm in the room, though Ray was aware that his hair half-covering his face probably wasn’t helping.

3- Fink snarled at the crash that punctuated his bottle of rum smashing on the floor.

4- The giggle was unusually high pitched.

5- Billie Joe left John on the roof.

6- The purr in Frank's throat matched the familiar purr of the needle as it buzzed across his skin, making his fingertips tingle.

7- "You're fucking kidding me."

8- Sometimes, unexpected things, impossible things, happen.

9- Gerard blinked, startled, and turned to his boyfriend.

10- It was raining.

11- Jamia Nestor hadn't had a cigarette in over a year, not since she had temporarily taken up chain smoking in an effort to curb anxiety related to fear for the life of her best friend, practically brother, Frank.

12- Gerard lifted a hand into the air, waving widely.

13- Gerard told himself that the only reason he was taking such a risk was that the other boy was the only person in his line of sight that looked nearly as bored as he did.

14- Reflexive reserve kept Frank's eyes shut as he drifted back into consciousness.

15- 'This heist brought to you courtesy of The Manhattan Project.'

16- Frank blinked, eyes rapidly refocusing on the fingers snapping less than an inch from his nose.

17- The full moon had come and gone, but new moon or full didn't make any difference; in a month the weather had taken a turn for the worse, and thick black clouds blocked any hopeful light from reaching the earth, drizzling cold rain soaking the beach beyond where even the tides could reach.

18- Gerard tugged his shirt off over his head, folding it carefully, setting it down on the sand, standing straight again and tilting his head back, facing the sky, slowly breathing in the salt-sweet air.

19- Ray knew, from the moment Frank's face had lit up at the concept, that this was a terrible idea.

20- "Ah, shit, you're bleeding."

21- Gerard vaguely shook himself as he stepped into the sort-of clean-ish air above ground.

22- Ray used his elbow to open the door to his apartment, juggling a bag of groceries, a pile of mail, and a guitar case all at the same time.

23- The taxi was incongruous as it pulled up to the scene.

24- Gerard hung up the phone and continued puttering about the kitchen, exploiting his lack-luster skills in cooking, which still bypassed Frank's tendency to burn any and every thing he touched while within five feet of the stove.

25- Sometimes Frank wondered how he got into certain predicaments.

So I am apparently very fond of commas and run-on sentences. Awesome.

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