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I know I've done this meme before, just recently in fact, but I am so frustrated with myself muse-wise recently that I'm doing it again, only with all of the main characters in the Round-Up fic because I need the muse.

1. Choose up to three however many of your own characters.
2. Make them answer the following questions.

Now I've already done Jewbano, so we have-

1.Who are you?
Gerard: Gerard Way.
Adam: *big grin* Adam Lazzara, but my friends just call me Adam. You can just call me Adam too.
Frank: Frank Anthony Thomas Iero, Jr.
Bob: Robert Bryar.
Ray: Uh, Ray Toro?

2.What do you look like?
Gerard: Fat and unhappy.
Adam: You're not fat, Gee.
Gerard: *scowls* Unhappy, then.
Adam: I think he's pretty.
Gerard: What about you, then?
Adam: I'm fucking gorgeous. Obviously.
Frank: I've got a lot of tattoos and a tan. And I guess I'm kinda short.
Bob: Blond, blue eyes, beard. Nothing special.
Ray: Tall. Hair.

3.How old are you? disclaimer: I need to figure out their ages still, so chances are Matt's age in the previous meem was WRONGO.
Gerard: Twenty-two.
Adam: Same as him. We graduated together, his mom was so fucking excited...
Frank: Twenty-one.
Bob: Twenty-three.
Ray: Twenty-three.

4.Do you have any special abilities?
Gerard: I'm an artist.
Adam: I'm a bullfighter, man. I'm made of special abilities.
Frank: I dunno, I don't think it's really a special ability...
Adam: It's a special ability.
Frank: I dunno...
Adam: He's a fucking good barrel racer.
Frank: Aw, now...
Adam: But he thinks it makes him girly.
Frank: Jerk.
Bob: I'm with Frank. It's not special like a super power or something. Just. *looks at Frank* About a hundred years too late, is all.
Ray: *laughs at Bob, hiding behind his hair* I guess I'm pretty good at riding bridleless.
Adam: Pretty good? He's the best I've ever seen that wasn't Native.

5.Any special weapons?
Gerard: My fucking fist?
Adam: Gerard, will you stop bitchin'?
Gerard: I'm being fucking interviewed by some faceless cu-
Adam: Language, Gerard.
Gerard: *growls*
Adam: Aaaaanyway. All my limbs are my weapons.
Frank: It's just me and my horse, usually.
Bob: Just rope.
Frank: Kinky.
Bob: Not so much.
Ray: Skillets of fajita? Christ, I hate my job.

6.What's your current XP level?
Gerard: Oooh!
Adam: *claps a hand over his mouth* We don't have time for all of that.
Gerard: *scowls*
Frank: *stares blankly*
Bob: *stares blankly*
Ray: *stares blankly*

7.What's your height?
Gerard: I don't know. Fucking. 5'8" or some shit.
Adam: Six thousand fucking feet.
Gerard: You are ridiculous.
Frank: Taller than Rubano, that's for damn sure.
Bob: 5'10"ish.
Ray: 6'2" plus hair.

8.Are you a virgin?
Gerard: Uh. No. Surprisingly.
Adam: *claps Gerard on the back* We traded virginities.
Gerard: !!! ADAM. Don't tell them that!
Adam: Why not? We were young and hopeful and stupid but at least we used protection.
Frank: I've had a few drunken encounters.
Bob: No.
Ray: Uhh. No. *hides behind his hair*

9.Do you have any kids?
Gerard: *laughs. and laughs some more* You think I'm that kind of a fag?
Adam: *pouts at Gerard a bit* I've thought about it. I'm definiately not ready yet, but it's a big life.
Frank: Nope.
Bob: Not that I know of...
Ray: Definitely not.

10.What's your favorite food?
Gerard: Sushi.
Adam: Getting all classy on us?
Gerard: Fuck you, get out of Pendleton every now and again and you'll see.
Adam: I like Pendleton!
Gerard: I know.
Adam: I like goin' up to Elvis's. They have some fucking good chicken.
Frank: I dunno, I eat what Mrs. Way cooks for the most part. On my own, I stick with fast food.
Bob: *glances at Ray, clears his throat* I like Mazatlan's fajitas...
Ray: You and everyone else in the city.

11.Have you killed anyone?
Gerard: In my comic.
Adam: *eyes Gerard* Uh, no. Can't say I have.
Frank: No way.
Bob: Nope.
Ray: No.
Adam: Have you ever killed me in your comic, Gerard?
Gerard: It's not that kind of a comic.

12.Do you hate anyone?
Gerard: I fucking hate whoever came up with rodeos in the first place.
Adam: Well, Gee--
Gerard: Do not even start up about rodeo history with me, Adam. I will punch you right in the nuts.
Adam: *closes his mouth*
Frank: I've hated a few in my time, but I like to think I'm getting along pretty well these days.
Bob: I tend to believe in karma and stuff like that...
Ray: I'd apply 'hate' to the relations between me and some customers.

13.Have any secrets?
Adam: *stares at Gerard*
Gerard: *looks at Adam* I'm not going to say I like the Round-Up, Adam, so you can get that fucking wounded puppy look off your face.
Adam: *pouts*
Gerard: I really hate that fucking rodeo. That's no secret.
Gerard: *eye roll*
Adam: Also, he's totally gay for his horse.
Gerard: Shut up!
Adam: *smug grin*
Frank: I'm a pretty open book.
Bob: *glances at Ray again* I've got a secret or two.
Ray: Not really.

14.Do you love anyone?
Gerard: I love my grandma, my parents, and even my brother sometimes.
Adam: And he loves me.
Gerard: But not like that.
Adam: Not anymore. But I'm kind of hard to get over, you know.
Gerard: And what about you?
Adam: I love everybody, man.
Frank: Not in the way you're asking, I don't think.
Bob: *glances at Ray* Uh. I don't know.
Ray: I'm still trying to work out how I feel about myself most days, to be honest.

15.So... Are you hot?
Gerard: *laughs. so very hard.*
Adam: Fucking right I am.
Frank: Fairly.
Bob: No.
Ray: Not according to me.

16.Boy or girl?
Gerard: I'm a guy...
Adam: He looks awful good in drag, though.
Gerard: Oh my god, Adam.
Adam: Oh yeah, another one of those secrets you don't have. My bad.
Frank: I'm a boy.
Bob: Male.
Ray: Yeah, I think we're all male.
Adam: Frank's only half boy.
Frank: Oh, fuck you.
Adam: You barrel race.
Frank: Boys barrel race!
Adam: No, Boy barrel races. You.
Frank: *flips him off*

17.What do you do to relax?
Gerard: Read. Draw. You know.
Adam: Play a bit of guitar. Fucking tease Mikes and Nate mercilessly.
Frank: I don't have too much time for relaxing, but I'll take Bela out on a leisure ride occasionally.
Bob: I'm a big fan of food. I like to go out to eat.
Ray: *looking at Adam* I play guitar too...
Adam: We should play together sometime.
Ray: That'd be cool.
Bob: *glances at Ray*

18.There's a person who's teasing you; what could you do?
Gerard: Kiss Adam. That usually shuts them up.
Adam: *laughs and claps Gerard on the back* That's the Gerard I knew from High School. What has New York done to you?
Gerard: Fuck off.
Frank: Kick them right in the fucking dick. I don't take kindly to being teased.
Bob: I don't think I've been teased since I was five years old.
Ray: Spit in their fucking food. I'm not above it.

19.Let’s say you have a person who you really care about but she/ he doesn’t know about your feelings. How do you tell her/him?
Gerard: Let things run their natural course. If you try to force your feelings to move to quickly, you end up throwing up in your best friends parent's bathroom.
Adam: I think that was just you, Gee.
Gerard: Well, you know..
Frank: Just tell them.
Bob: *glances at Ray, looks at the floor* I don't know. Whatever.
Ray: It depends on the situation, I guess.

20.Do you like your maker?
Gerard: What kind of fucked up question is that?
Adam: I'm down.
Frank: I'm a Darwinist.
Bob: Me too.
Ray: I guess I'm with Adam on this one.
Frank: And the lines are drawn...
Adam: *laughs*

21.Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Gerard: Little brother Mikey.
Adam: My brother Nate's Mikey's age. They're kinda like us, only not gay.
Gerard: It's weirding me out, to be honest.
Frank: I'm an only child.
Bob: Me too.
Ray: I've got an older brother, Lou. He lives in Florida, though.

22.What is your job?
Gerard: I'm still in school, but things are looking good for an internship next year.
Adam: I glide by most of the year, then I live like a fucking king all through September. I'm a rodeo clown, baby.
Gerard: He's gonna get himself killed one day.
Adam: No way, man, I'm too fucking good.
Frank: I work for the Ways mostly. I also
Frank: I'm a pretty good barrel racer.
Bob: I'm a calf roper by trade, and if I ever found anybody to team rope with... *glances at Ray*
Ray: Your friendly not-Mexican waiter at Mazatlan.
Adam: You're not friendly.
Ray: I'm totally friendly.
Adam: You are always in the worst mood every time I go there.
Ray: You're not allowed to order of the children's menu, Adam.
Adam: Jaime lets me.
Ray: Jaime thinks you're cute.
Adam: You don't think I'm cute?
Ray: You can't order off the children's menu. End of story.
Adam: He's a fucking jerk.

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