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one thousand and forty nine = I HAVE A DEATH WISH!

26 drabbles. Bastard.

Stolen from jetblackmirror.

Choose a letter of the alphabet and name a word that begins with that letter. (Once a letter is taken, future posters have to choose another letter.) Name a fandom (and pairing/clusterfuck, if you want). I will write you a drabble/ficlet (more than likely a drabble, it is me after all unless the muse latches on) for that fandom/pairing/etc. based around the theme of that word. Feel free to ask for more than one, should it tickle your fancy to do so.

And, because I'm an evil person, I'm limiting my fandoms to Beatles, Green Day, The Network and crossovers therein.

A is for Anarchy: Crossing Parallels, John Lennon/Billie Joe (for jetblackmirror)
B is for Bollocks: Green Day/The Network, Fink/Mike (for shadowavenger)
C is for Cake: Green Day, Billie/Tré (for mikeyface)
D is for Drug: Green Day, Billie/Tré (for jetblackmirror)
E is for Elemental: The Network, Fink/The Snoo (for beckie_gloom)
F is for Fuck: The Network/The Beatles, Van Gough/George Harrison (for shadowavenger)
G is for Glory: The Network/The Beatles, Fink/John Lennon (for jetblackmirror)
H is for Hurt: The Network, Fink/The Snoo (for mikeyface)
I is for Ice Cream: The Network, Fink/The Snoo (for mikeyface)
J is for Justice: The Network, The Snoo (for cosmicdancer)
K is for Kinetic: Crossing Parallels, John Lennon/Billie Joe (for jetblackmirror)
L is for Love: The Network, Fink/The Snoo (for mikeyface)
M is for Memories: Harry Potter, Severus Snape/Lucius Malfoy (for waxsatanic)
N is for Nervous: Crossing Parallels, Paul McCarntey/Mike Dirnt (for jetblackmirror)
O is for Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da: Green Day, Billie Joe/Adrienne (for jetblackmirror)
P is for Popcorn: Crossing Parallels, Ringo Starr/Tré Cool (for jetblackmirror)
Q is for Quixotic: Green Day, Tré Cool (for jetblackmirror)
R is for Rose: Crossing Parallels, George Harrison/Jason White (for jetblackmirror)
S is for Surprise: Green Day/The Network, Tré/The Snoo (for mikeyface)
T is for Trust: The Network/The Beatles, Fink/Ringo Starr (for jetblackmirror)
U is for Understanding: Green Day/The Network, Tré/The Snoo (for mikeyface)
V is for Violent: The Network, Fink (for cosmicdancer)
W is for Wine: Green Day/The Network, Fink/Billie & The Snoo (for jetblackmirror)
X is for Xanax: Green Day, Billie/Mike (for shadowavenger)
Y is for Yellow: The Beatles, George Harrison/Ringo Starr (for jetblackmirror)
Z is for Zoloft: spasticsuburbia, Wilhelm Fink/Samuel Ortiz (for jetblackmirror)
Tags: beatles, cp, fanfiction, fic, green day, meme, network, the network, writing

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