May 17th, 2008

[frank] fedora

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Sorta Meme from supersandoz. She picked five of my icons for me to explain, and now I will do so.

If you want me to pick five of your icons for you to babble about, comment hurr! As a warning, I will probably bother you if you post it, because I like babbling about things like my icons.

One: [askewniverse] I am retarded

One of my few animated icons, from Clerks: The Animated Series. This is, well, my 'I'm being the biggest idiot ever' icon. :P

Two: [geefrank] sellouts

Young!Screamy!Gee and Frank (still a very cherished pairing). The keyword is a nice solid 'fuck you' to the elitest retards who don't know what 'selling out' is.

Three: [ray] poor girly toro

Awww. A legitimate quote from one poor Ray Toro. He does have kind of a girly voice...

Four: [gerard] not ashamed

One of my favorite parts of the song and of the video. And while I don't have any physical scars to show how I dealt with my fear, I do have mental ones.

Five: [rl] Crazy Stick Lady

HAH. I am a crazy stick lady. I don't remember when that picture was taken, but I do remember that it was the first icon Simon ever made for me :B
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