January 2nd, 2008

[askewniverse] I am retarded

The Adventures of Simon and Trey: Mystery Science Theatre

*Simon and Trey are RPing on the Masquerade Project, and sort of half-watching The Da Vinci Code*
On Screen: *Bishop Aringarosa, played by Alfred Molina is being loaded onto an ambulance*
Simon: *turns around just in time to see this scene* Is that...?
Trey: *looks past laptop* It's Doctor Octopus.
Simon: *laughs* Or Diego Rivera.
Trey: *giggling* Oh, it's blatantly Diego Rivera.
On Screen: *scene change, Ian McKellan playing Sir Teabing limps along a hallway*
Trey: Just like that is obviously not Gandalf. It's totally Magneto.
Simon: *giggles some more*
On Screen: *camera shift to Tom Hanks and Audrey Tautou *
Trey: I don't remember...
Simon: Well, he's just Tom Hanks.
Trey and Simon: *die laughing*
Trey: You know what's hilarious?
Simon: What?
Trey: The girl? Is most blatantly Amelie*.
Simon: *chokes* What?
Trey: No, seriously. She was the star of the movie Amelie. It's one of Saundra's favourite movies.
Simon and Trey: *die laughing some more*

* Amelie is the name of Lexie's character Julien's Sire, on the afforementioned RP board. XD
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I. LOATHE. Vacuum cleaners. The sound of a running vacuum cleaner has always been one of my least favorite things, and Simon's mom is WAY WORSE than my mom ever was about making sure to vacuum EVERY SQUARE MILLIMETER of the house. I swear to god, sometimes it sounds like she's vacuuming the tile floors. AGH.

She stopped for, like, two seconds and now it's STARTED AGAIN.

Plus. My back is killing me, my stomach just suddenly got stricken by some ridiculous pain, I have to pee but I'm pretty sure the reason I'm alone in the bed is because Simon is in the bath, and OH MY GOD I DO NOT WANT to work tonight.



ETA: in lighter news, have some gratuitous beautiful!Ray: