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four hundred and fifty one = Oh Melpomene

Title: Wash
Fandom: Beatles Slash
Characters: Ringo/George
Prompt: #031- Sunrise
Word Count: 415
Rating: I guess this could be considered R, for nudity.
Author's Notes: Either all the dirty Green Day slash I’m reading is soaking into my mind, or my muse had a ‘lost weekend’ over the past year or so, and came back hornier than hell. Anyway, here we go. This takes place in, I think, like, early ’64, at the Green Street Flat.
Progress: 5/100

Ringo’s old terry-cloth dressing gown was wearing thin, particularly around the waist where he cinched the belt. The late January cold crept easily through the small apartment, clinging to the hard floors, and creeping up Ringo’s spine from his feet.
He crept across the barely furnished flat, trying hard to avoid the creakiest of the floor boards, but failing miserably.
Making it to the bathing room, he shucked his good old robe, hanging it on the back of the door and turning the shower on high. It heated quickly, being early enough in the day to claim first on the buildings hot water.
Ringo turned into the spray, tilting his head up towards the falling water, allowing it to run down his face and chest. He breathed in deeply, enjoying the billowing steam.
A pair of somewhat scrawny arms wrapped around his waist, and Ringo jumped in surprise. He glanced over his shoulder, blinking away the water clinging to his eyelashes.
“Budge up, Rich, I’m cold.”
Ringo moved aside, allowing George to slip under the water and twitch the curtain closed behind himself.
“You’re up early.” Ringo quietly. George yawned at him.
“You woke me up, creaking across the flat like that.” He rubbed his face down vigorously. “I’m glad you did though.”
“Why’s that?” Ringo asked, running soap over himself.
“Get us the hot water. Good thinking.” George shrugged, reaching across Ringo to grab the shampoo. “I prefer showering with another person anyway.” He pressed the bottle into Ringo’s hand. “Easier to get those hard to reach places.” He turned his back on Ringo, tilting his head back, offering his hair to the drummer. Ringo smirked.
“I know what you mean.” He carefully massaged the shampoo into George’s scalp, working through the lather. George rinsed off, and Ringo handed the bottle back to him. George did the same for his band-mate.
The bathroom got noticeably lighter as the sun rose more fully outside, and there was a sudden decrease in the water pressure as other people in the building awoke.
George shivered against Ringo. Ringo smiled, and reached around George to turn off the quickly cooling water. George bounced out of the shower before Ringo could react. Ringo stepped out after him to find George cinching his brown dressing gown around his middle.
“Hey, that’s mine.” He said, putting on a show of annoyance.
George handed Ringo one of the threadbare towels, and brushed his lips against the drummer’s cheek.
“Thanks for the wash.”

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