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four hundred and fourty seven = the pr0niest thing I've ever written, and there's still no sex

Title: Trio
Fandom: Beatles Slash
Characters: Ringo/George/John
Prompt: #073- Threesome
Word Count: 900
Rating: PG-13 for boys kissing, and possibly some shirt-removal. XD
Author's Notes: I think my muse is either coming back from her extended absence, or she’s just teasing me. Anyway, here we go. My first BeatlesOT3 fic.
Progress: 4/100

Ringo knew something was up. He caught the devilish look that passed between John and George before John feigned nonchalance, inviting the other three over to his place tonight for drinks.
Paul said that he had plans with Jane, and Ringo noticed a knowing smirk on George’s face, as if this were all planned.
John repeated that George and Ringo were still welcome, and breezed out of the studio, guitars in tow.
Paul left shortly after John, and George Martin left the key with George, reminding him and Ringo twice to lock up.
Ringo crossed his arms. He and George were alone, now was his chance to get to the bottom of this.
George put his arms around the smaller man, and Ringo allowed a short kiss before pulling back, raising his eyebrows.
“Want to tell me what’s going on?”
That mischievous grin returned to George’s face.
“Just come to John’s tonight, okay?”
George pressed the key into Ringo’s hand, and pressed a kiss to Ringo’s cheek.
“Don’t forget to lock up, or George’ll have your head.”
George grabbed his guitar and went to the door.
“See you tonight.” He said, winking and waving, then he was gone, leaving Ringo alone to finish tidying up and contemplate what his friends were plotting.

George’s car was already at John’s when Ringo arrived. Ringo raised the knocker hesitantly, but before he could drop it, the door flew open from beneath his hand.
“Rich!” John and George’s voices rang out in stereo. Ringo lowered his hand slowly.
“Come in,” John stepped back, waving the drummer into the house and straight to the sitting room.
“Rum and Coke?” George asked, breezing past the back of the sofa and straight into the kitchen as if he lived there.
“Ta.” Ringo said. John grabbed his own drink from the mantelpiece, and plopped down next to Ringo. Ringo sighed slightly, smelling the alcohol that was already radiating off him.
George returned with two glasses, and perched on Ringo’s other side, handing one of the glasses to Ringo, and taking a long draft of his own.
Shortly, both George and John had finished their drinks, while Ringo sat between them, getting steadily more uncomfortable. With every sip, it seemed George and John got closer to Ringo, pressing tight against him.
“Drink up.” George whispered in his ear, and Ringo felt a flush creep across his neck.
He did as he was told.

An hour later, George was sitting in Ringo’s lap, his head lolling on John’s shoulder.
“Now that we’ve got the mood,” John spoke, “We have something to tell you, Rich.”
“Yeah.” George affirmed, nodding his head as well as he could.
“I think I know already.” Ringo was not at all as inebriated as John and George were. He wriggled out from beneath his band-mate and sometimes lover, and turned around to face them both, crossing his arms.
“You’re in love with John.” He said, eyeing George. George laughed quietly.
“I am.”
Ringo nodded understandingly, though he was hurt.
“And you’re leaving me for him.”
At this, John and George both shook their heads fervently. Ringo blinked at them in confusion.
“Come here.” John held out his hand, crooking his fingers. Ringo hesitantly took the offered hand, and John pulled him back to the couch. Now Ringo was sitting in their laps.
“The thing of it is, you love George, and I love George.” John said.
“And I love you, and I love John,” George continued.
“And I love you too.” John finished.
Ringo blinked.
“You... We... what?” He stuttered. They both laughed at him.
“Do you love John?” George asked.
“What?” Ringo was completely lost.
“Just think of how much happier we’d all be if we all loved each other, and we all showed each other how much.” John smirked.
“What are you two getting at?”
“What?!” Ringo was getting exasperated.
“Can we show you how much we love you?”
George didn’t wait for a response. He placed a hand under Ringo’s chin, bringing his head around for a kiss. Well, this was alright, nothing so odd about this...
But then Ringo jerked back suddenly, feeling John’s narrow lips against his neck.
“No.” George moved his hand to the back of Ringo’s head, pulling him forward and kissing him again. John continued his attention to Ringo’s neck.
They shifted positions, and now it was John’s tongue in Ringo’s mouth, and George’s hand tugging at Ringo’s tie as he kissed John’s neck.
Ringo didn’t even consider stopping them now.
Two ties and three shirts made their way to the floor, and now George was leaving a trail of kisses across Ringo’s shoulders. Skin pressed against Ringo on all sides, sending shivers of enjoyment down his spine.
Three voices whispered confessions of love, and three bodies ended up on the floor with their clothes, fingers trailing across bare chests and backs. Three sets of lips met in a bizarre three-way kiss.

Paul was already at the studio when Ringo arrived the next morning, the night before still playing in his mind.
“How was John’s?” Paul asked, perched on an amp as he tuned his bass.
Ringo sat down at his kit, twirled his sticks, and gave an exuberant drum-roll as George walked in, looking for the entire world like the happiest man on earth.
“It was alright.” Ringo replied to Paul. “It was alright.”

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